The Kaua'i North Shore Shuttle service will launch in early June and run between Princeville and the Hā’ena State Park stopping at various points along the way. We will service visitors and residents alike with stops at merchant centers and County lifeguarded beaches.

The Kaua'i North Shore Shuttle is a primary service system for the Hā’ena State Park which includes the Ke'e Beach area and Kalalau Trail access at the end of the road. With limited park access and very limited reserved parking each day, we expect the Kaua'i North Shore Shuttle to transport a significant number of park attendees to Hā’ena State Park and in the process help keep a significant amount of traffic off of the small congested historic roadway - delivering many benefits for both residents and visitors.

A Kaua'i North Shore Shuttle reservation (which will include a required Hā’ena State Park day pass) will be necessary to access Hā'ena State Park if the reserved parking lot is full. Shuttle reservations may be purchased online at beginning in mid-May 2019.

FAQ - General

  • The Kaua'i North Shore Shuttle is for everyone!

  • The official website is Please visit the website (which is expected to be available mid-May 2019) for the most up-to-date information on the shuttle service and to purchase tickets.

  • There will be a mandatory reservation system for riders traveling to and from Hā’ena State Park.

  • Tickets for the Kaua'i North Shore Shuttle will be available for purchase at Introductory $11 round trip pricing per person is anticipated for visitors heading to Hā’ena State Park. Introductory $2 ticket prices are anticipated for visitors and residents on all other routes. Extended use passes may also be offered. All tickets, passes, and scheduling remain subject to change at this time.

  • The Kaua'i North Shore Shuttle will honor a County of Kaua'i Bus Pass.

  • There will be no on-board fare recovery. Walking-on with cash in hand will not be allowed. All tickets must be purchased electronically unless purchasing a Kauai Bus pass at participating locations.

FAQ - Hā’ena State Park riders

  • Entry into Hā’ena State Park will require a reservation for the day, time and pick-up location.

  • Hā’ena State Park shuttle riders’ fare will include the park entrance fee.

  • The Hā’ena State Park reservation website will direct you to the Kaua'i North Shore Shuttle reservation website if you elect to take the shuttle as part of their process. If the parking lot is already fully reserved, the shuttle will be your only alternative.

  • If you know you want to take the Kaua'i North Shore Shuttle to Hā’ena State Park, you may book directly on our website - details will be announced in future communications. Updated shuttle schedules, availability, reservations and other information will be on the website.

  • Hā’ena State Park shuttle riders will need to select a time for entering and exiting the park.

FAQ - All Other Stops riders (excluding Hā’ena State Park)

  • Riders not going to the Hā’ena State Park are anticipated to be able to purchase a single ride pass, or a daily / weekly / monthly / annual pass allowing walk-on privileges.

  • Walk-ons welcome on a first-come first-serve basis with a valid pass and based on available seating.

  • Riders can hop-on hop-off as much as desired with one pass as long as the pass remains valid. Single ride passes may only board once.

Route and Schedule:

  • Proposed routes are subject to change. Check for updated information and for making reservations.


In recent years, there are times when traffic on the North Shore of Kauai becomes unmanageable. Our roads are at capacity and the lack of infrastructure cannot support the current vehicular count. Residential quality of life and visitor experience is compromised and it is understood that we are out of balance. The April flood has provided a much needed break but without implementing smart systems now, we are destined to return to an unmanageable number of humans in Hanalei. We, as a community, must lead the conversation in how we solve this problem. Please provide any and all thoughts.

Pedestrian paths, road design, shuttle systems, parking, and the Haena State Park Master Plan are all integral parts in helping move people safely. The Hanalei Initiative is contracting a traffic study to identify and strategize long-term solutions to all these pieces of the puzzle.

We understand past shuttle models on the north shore have not been successful in part to the lack of sustainable long term funding. Things have drastically changed. Due to the catastrophic April 2018 flooding and the compromised road systems north of Hanalei town, the importance of managing the influx of visitors is now on the forefront of the political landscape. The government agencies are fully engaged and thanks to funding from the disaster mitigation fund, there is working capital available to help get things started.

We feel it is important that a shuttle system be a comfortable and culturally engaging experience that provides economic stability to our merchants. Our vision is that the shuttle provides ease of use for visitors and residents, while prioritizing stops in business centers and lifeguarded beaches, allowing the riders to then walk or bike around. 

The true long term economic success must be built on the expedited implementation of the Haena State Park Master Plan. Before the Kuhio Highway is re-opened to the world, State Parks is committed to building the infrastructure to manage the park entrance by reservation only, with a maximum allowance of 900 people per day.

With only about 75 parking spots for park goers, we estimate only 350-400 people being allowed to arrive by car each day. With 500-550 people unable to bring their own transportation, this leaves a huge demand for shuttle service.

Through our partnership with the county and state, and the hard work of the community, we are optimistic that these ideas can quickly be carried out to execution. That said, we need your help! Stakeholder meetings are in the works and we invite you to join us. NOTHING IS PERFECT, and we will have to adjust as we go but RETURNING to what we had before should not be an option.